Meaning of Video SEO & Why is it Essential?

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Online videos are being viewed by billions of people worldwide, and that figure keeps rising. Although video content is a treasure trove, attracting viewers will require a different approach than traditional SEO. 

It’s critical for consumers to find your video content quickly, especially with the increased demand for video. You must employ some particular YouTube SEO strategies to rank videos with Google. 

Video search engine optimization can help with higher rankings and increased engagements over your youtube channels and content. But, this is not an easy DIY task that a fresher or owner can implement through internet help. To rank your youtube videos, you need to assist an experienced and professionally talented SEO consultant. 

Kunal Dabi is an SEO Consultant in India with more than six years of hands-on experience working with businesses to create and implement search engine marketing strategies. His expert SEO strategies and case studies enhance online search performance that helps accomplish long-term business objectives in no time. 

Let’s find out the crux of Video SEO tips and strategies from our expert to know the work behind trending videos. 

What is Video SEO?

In simple words, video SEO is about making your video more likely to be indexed and rank highest in search engine results for relevant keyword queries. Search Engine rankings consider several elements, including Facebook shares, article length, readability, and the caliber of links pointing to your website. 

The second-most popular search engine on the internet after Google is YouTube, and it has its own set of search criteria, keywords, and intent. If you implement an effective video SEO strategy along with the existing practices, more audience and visitors will be able to engage with your business, increasing inbound traffic. 

Your videos may rank highly over the searched intent for a longer time, and if served with engaging content, videos have an increasingly 20% chance to hold customers and drive leads.

Note:  SEO for videos is specialised and distinct, so you can’t simply utilise YouTube keywords and Google keywords interchangeably.. 

What is the Need to Optimize SEO Videos?

Making your audience and search engine crawlers more receptive to your videos is one of the most vital reasons to optimize them for search engines. Here are a few proven reasons for which we work on video optimization: 

  1. Better Brand Reach:

More than ever, people are interested in the power of videos.

Any video hosting service, including YouTube, Facebook, and even your website, can host your videos. You have a chance to be seen by 2.3 billion people worldwide if you host it on YouTube. That number soars to more than 2.7 billion individuals with Facebook. 

When you host your videos on any site and optimize them for SEO, there is a high likelihood that someone will see them in a far-off region of the world. 

  1. Connect With Your Audience:

One of the best qualities of videos is the ease of consumption and longer engagement rates. Videos have the power to evoke strong emotions in viewers, which makes them a terrific tool for connecting with your audience. With effective script formation, you can easily depict the desired story in 6 seconds, 15 seconds, or 30 seconds video format. 

Videos allow you to explain concepts clearly so the average user can grasp them. Videos can elicit strong emotions in viewers and are proven effective ways to inform the audience about your product.

All these features highlight the need for video optimization to increase their reach to a vast audience. 

  1. Improved Customer Engagement

Once you’ve established a connection with your audience, you’ll want to ensure they remain interested in what you’re saying. You should optimize your videos to have a highly engaged audience. 

Users are likelier to take any desired action when interacting with your material. You can quickly determine how engaged your users are by looking at indicators like- 

  • Clickthrough Rate, 
  • View Count, 
  • Number Of Shares, 
  • Ad Requests, 
  • Play Rate, 
  • Completion Rate, Etc. 

You may encourage visitors to interact with your video by providing your video likes and comments.

  1. Increase in ROI

We strictly oppose that just because others in your field dont, it doesn’t mean you should follow suit. You should have the necessary tools and a purpose in mind if you want to make informative and insightful movies. 

You may obtain more from your films by optimizing videos and adding SEO components. The State of Video Marketing research from HubSpot indicates that 87% of marketers are pleased with the ROI produced by videos.

  1. Understand User’s Behavior

It is not possible to track how long users spend time on your website. Thankfully, videos may be used to comprehend user behavior. How? 

You can utilize Google Analytics or look at the analytics panel of the video hosting service or video marketing software you employ. It will provide statistics on many factors enabling you to comprehend user behavior and adjust your judgments as necessary.

  1. Search Results In Visibility

Your video’s presence in search results correlates directly to its level of optimization. The search engines find it much easier to crawl and index your movie when optimized.

The aim of Google is to bring significant material to users. Many individuals prefer to watch a movie than read a lengthy text to learn something. Therefore, if you can optimize your movies appropriately, you can continuously rank at the top for a given query.

  1. Get Leads

 A well-optimized video demonstrates your commitment to your business, which will be evident in how you handle your clients. Videos will increase the trust and authenticity in your business, which will help in conversions and engagements. 

How To Do SEO For Youtube Video?

  1. Conduct Keyword Research To Discover ‘NEW’ Topics:

You must select the right keyword or term for your video before attempting to boost your YouTube SEO. Keywords commonly occur in metadata and video titles, and when spoken aloud in the audio, they also do so in subtitles and transcripts. 

 You need to be aware of the keywords that most accurately describe your videos while also having the ability to grow the audience for your channel.

  1. Use An Engaging Thumbnail:

Excellent thumbnails will significantly enhance your audience and average watch time, boosting your search engine rankings on YouTube and other search engines. Make something that stands out from the throng and attracts attention to ensure your video is seen. 

Be innovative. Select a thumbnail that effectively conveys the subject of your video and makes it stand out from the competition. You’ll like its effects on your outcomes in the analytics report. 

  1. User Engagement:

Always persuade your audience to engage with your video in some way. There is a reason why every YouTube video concludes with the statement:

“If you liked this video, hit the like button below, and don’t forget to subscribe for more stuff.” 

This increases a creator’s audience and makes it simpler to re-engage old viewers with new content, and it also sends out positive SEO signals. One of the simplest YouTube SEO strategies to use, encouraging involvement can greatly impact how well your YouTube content performs.

  1. Add Timestamps:

Timestamps can be used to point viewers to the sections of the video that are most important to them. This is useful for students, researchers, journalists, and other professionals. To draw people and maintain their attention to the content you have to provide, use YouTube timestamps. 

Naturally, YouTube timestamps guarantee a better viewing experience, but they also are an effective strategy and have SEO advantages. Each time a user clicks on a timestamp, another page view is recorded. A video moves up in the search results rankings the more views it receives.

  1. Make Sure The Video Is Optimized:

Since viewers prefer watching videos that don’t slow, delay or otherwise offer a less-than-ideal viewing experience, Google adores videos that have been optimized. Investing in video optimization is necessary if you want to get a lot of views and engagement. Video optimization is one of the most important elements among the many strategies you may use to rank in Google.

  1. Inbound Links:

The ultimate goal for the majority of marketers is to obtain inbound connections from authoritative websites. Since reputable and well-known websites share your information, it demonstrates your reliability and brings you a flood of visitors.

Ways to Optimize your Video for SEO:

  1. Choose The Right Video Hosting Platform:

There are several benefits of using a video hosting platform. It allows you a lot of control over the video, allowing you to arrange CTA buttons, embed links, customize the layout, and more. Before selecting the video hosting platform that best suits your requirements, you must consider some things.

  1. Insert A Video Transcript

Both directly and indirectly, video transcripts will affect your video SEO optimization. Videos with transcripts are more widely available and easier for search engine bots to scrape because there is more text on the website.

  1. Make Sure Your Thumbnail Image Is Engaging

Despite their tiny size, video thumbnails can significantly affect engagement, so utilize them wisely. Select a high-resolution, eye-catching image and crop it to the required size. SEO for videos depends on choosing the right thumbnail image.

  1. Watch Out For The Description And Title Of Your Video

The title and meta description are considered an effective optimization strategy for ranking videos, much like when ranking blog posts. Create a captivating video title and description by taking your time. By conducting keyword research, you’re hitting terms people are truly looking for, providing direct, crisp, engaging answers to trending queries. 

  1. Make Sure the Remaining Content on Your Page Is Related to the Video and SEO-Optimized

Including related content on the page around your video is another excellent technique to emphasize its significance and relevance. To ensure that pages with videos rank as highly as possible in search, these pages must also be pertinent and effectively optimized.

  1. Put the Video You Want to Be First on the Page in Your Article

Typically, Google only indices one video per page. Make sure the video is the first if you include several on a page. Maintaining the focus on that video will ensure it receives the attention it deserves.

  1. Concentrate the page’s attention on the video

Your chances of ranking the video quickly reduce if it is buried or embedded below the fold. Make your video the main attraction on the page to improve its crawlability.

  1. Avoid Embedding the Same Video More Than Once

It makes no sense to embed the video somewhere on your publicly accessible website if your page and the video are both relevant to one another and you want to make sure they are ranked. It wouldn’t make sense to compete against yourself essentially.

  1. Don’t Just Promote Your Video Using SEO

It’s important to remember that SEO is unreliable. Considering how quickly video is developing and how frequently Google updates its algorithms, depending on search engine rankings for your films, is not a reliable way to ensure that people will see them.

Video SEO Tools:

The YouTube SEO tools that help speed up your journey to a large and active YouTube following are: 

  • TubeBuddy
  • vidIQ
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Rank Tracker
  • YouTube Auto-suggest

YouTube Keyword Research Tool for Video SEO: 

You can use YouTube keyword research as an SEO technique to locate the most pertinent search keywords and identify alternative terms that people use to seek information. Some tools are mentioned below:

  • Google Trends
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • Keyword Keg
  • Kparser
  • Keyword Tool Dominator

Video SEO Schema:

The HTML elements known as schemas are used to mark up your films so that search engines will understand them in an easier form. Search engines can learn much more about the content on a website with an embedded video by using video schema markup.

Follow Google’s—and consequently Yahoo and Bing—prominenetly recommended schema tags for videos to ensure that you’re paving the way for success with video SEO:

  • Name:

This tag is necessary. It appears in your video’s title. Keep it succinct and interesting, and if possible, add a geo-specific term.

  • Description:

This tag is necessary. It is your video’s description. Make it excellent since it will show up in search results of a rich snippet. It must persuade the audience to click and provide a sense of the content of the video.

  • Duration:

This is a suggested component. Your video’s duration must be captured in ISO 8601 format.

  • Content URL:

This is a suggested component. The URL directs users to the video media file, which must be in one of the following extensions:

  • wmv,
  • mp4,.
  • .ram,
  • .avi,
  • .mpg,
  • .flv,
  • .mov,
  • .mpeg,
  • .asf etc. 

All files must have HTTP access. Google can produce thumbnails and video previews by doing this. It aids the search engine in validating your video.

  • Embed URL:

This is a suggested component. This is a link to a video player for your content. Typically, this data is contained in the embed tag’s src element.

  • Upload Date:

Only if it pertains to your video is this advised. You utilise your video if you want it to expire.

Video SEO Checklist:

Is Video Marketing Good for SEO?

You may greatly enhance your SEO approach by using video marketing. If  implemented properly it can aid your website outranking competitors online. Video-rich websites are more likely to rank first in Google search results. According to studies, 85% of marketers utilize videos to improve SEO.

7 SEO Video Marketing Strategies You Should Keep in Mind:

  • Insert transcripts for videos
  • Produce something that connects with your audience
  • Use appropriate keywords
  • Make A Captivating Thumbnail
  • For One Video, Optimize
  • Performance Measurement
  • Get More Views by Promoting Your Video

Kunal Dabi- Best Video SEO Expert to Boost your Online Presence

Kunal Dabi is one of the few SEO consultants with the capacity to comprehend his consumers’ needs thoroughly. He assists businesses and organizations in creating and implementing search engine marketing strategies to enhance their online search performance and accomplish their long-term business objectives. 

He offers a full range of tools and specialized services to assist his clients in standing out from the competition and developing powerful digital marketing plans.

Connect with us at: 

Check out his Client Testimonial to know more. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to use Yoast Video SEO?

Yoast manages the technical optimization of your website and helps with content optimization.

  • How to become a video SEO expert?

Improve your abilities. Enroll in a course to earn a credential. Recognize how the material is indexed and crawled by search engines.

  • How does video marketing affect SEO?

Video marketing will enable your website to outperform other websites online.

  • How to write a compelling video title?

An excellent video title explains to viewers what to expect from the video. It is concise, direct, and truthful.

  • Which platforms are best to use for high-ranging of video SEO?

The most popular paid video hosting service is called Vimeo.

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