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I am  Kunal, head of a Growing SEO agency and consultant for businesses looking to Grow their organic traffic. I have 5+ years of experience in search engine marketing under my belt. 


Earlier in my life, I didn’t understand the whole concept of existence. In my quest to find the answers, I laid my hands on various books and attended motivational webinars. I even followed a cult and stayed like a saint, crawling deep down to the core. They all helped me have a clear picture of life. Amidst the chaos I manage to become a Btech graduate in 2016, 

I Am Not a storyTeller, I am Wizard

SEO is in my life way back since 2016. I was B tech graduate by then and was looking for a good opportunity to make a career in 2016, I started this amazing SEO Journey in November 2016. A completely new thing, not a lot of authentic tested information available on the internet.


I had already heard a lot about SEO and knew it was an important field to work in. I decided to give it a shot and I remember spending hours on the internet reading articles on SEO copywriting, technical SEO, and how to rank websites on Google. That’s when I realized that SEO was my calling.

I started SEO Journey with a cricket blog and in just 4 months I was able to achieve 100 clicks per day from google without making any single backlink. It was pretty surprising for me. When I talked about this with others no one was ready to believe it until I showed them the results. It was the time when there was no SEO existed without backlinks.


Soon I realized I have to do it all by myself. As my engineering conscience allowed me, I thought to try everything by myself, doubting everything that folks say works in SEO and I still follow this. Don’t believe it, Prove it.

I learned my life lesson from this, It’s not your goal or dream that drives me daily. It is my hunger and sheer devotion toward work. And I became a workaholic. I still remember every keyword I worked on along with their search volume. It stored by default in my memory.

I was pretty sure that I can generate SEO rankings and traffic for myself. Now I have to learn to devote the same energy to others’ business growth. Learn to make other businesses your own business. That’s what every company wants. Then I decided to join an agency to master this art.

I started as an SEO intern in a digital marketing agency in Feb 2017 and ended as an SEO Manager there in Feb 2021. It was a 4-year journey in between. Full of challenges, ups, and downs. I played a lot of responsibilities there right from SEO intern, content writer, SEO executive, SEO trainer, SEO team lead, SEO strategist, content planner, SEO manager, SEO analyst.

I became a team player there. Everyone used to say this at least. 

A whole new world of Scientific SEO (Step Up from SEO believer to SEO scientist)

Till 2017, I was actually an SEO Follower and A believer. I used to read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and all were talking about the same thing with different packaging. I tried those strategies from tiered link building to google map stacking, guest posting, outreaching, content marketing, and PBNs but there was something I was missing because which I was not able to generate great results.

During my agency work, I ranked websites in education, fashion, travel, health, and tech industries doing Local Search SEO, National SEO, and Google Map SEO. I and my team made every single project an organic success and I mastered the art of crafting strategies to achieve clients’ long-term business goals with search engine optimization.

Few amazing results that I generated there

  • Getting one hundred thousand organic clicks in a single day. I did this all by myself. Keyword research, mind mapping, content planning, content writing, on-page SEO, publishing, internal linking, off-page SEO, indexing, recording, and monitoring. All of this I did by myself.

  • Achieving featured snippets on transactional queries – If you know a little bit about SEO, you must know how tough it is to get featured snippets on transactional queries. It becomes more difficult when you are competing in SERP with 1000 times big companies in size and revenue.

It is just the first half action

My obsession with SEO was growing exponentially day after day. And I started freelancing, part-time, after officials in November 2017. I enjoyed this schedule for around 3 years and during which I worked with 500+ clients all across the globe, had 300+ 5-star reviews, and set up two Level 2 accounts on Fiverr with countless sleepless nights.


This journey made me a problem solver, deadline achiever, and timekeeper. Every night there was a new challenge on the screen within 24-72 hours before the deadline. This was the place where I was getting my hand dirty. I worked with people in almost all countries on google search and widened my horizon and SEO understanding.


I can now confidently claim to improve rankings and traffic to any business from any part of the world within the first 3 months of working. 

The Agency Motivation

I have addressed clients  from a different point of contacts

  1. From an agency point of view

  2. From a freelancer’s point of view

When I was working as a freelancer I noticed there were a lot of things that buyers were wasting their money on without thinking of their short-term and long-term effects. For example, I came across the buyers I was doing content planning. He bought 1000+ web 2.0 links and all of them were not indexed in google. They were nowhere in their google search console reports. When I showed the buyer my Ranking with 100 backlinks case study, it made him crazy. 

Also when I was working at an agency, I noticed the budget becomes a big issue for small and medium-sized businesses.

Covid made a lot of changes in people’s lives and I had to come back home. And have to leave the job. My past work started to pay off. And My old clients from my freelancing experience outreached me to work with them and help them achieve their business goals.

Cut to the chase, In just 9 months, we successfully ranked 6 clients top in google search, and 3 businesses are on pages 2-3 and achieved agency-level working.

  • 420% increase in organic traffic in 5 months

  • 4020% increase in organic sales within a year

  • 120% increase in organic clicks in 4 months.

  • 150% increase in conversion goals in 3 months.

This is not a one-man show. I would like to thank some of the greatest minds that worked together to build these success stories with 100% privacy, honesty, and hard work.

What Is Remote Serving?

As I mentioned earlier I lived 2 lives together for 3 years. I know both ends of clients. I came up with a solution: Remote Serving.

How about joining a team where you find experience, quality execution, marketing minds, and all the above or below agency work at the best cost. This is what our remote serving SEO agency does. We are all experienced, working together for a long time. Helped a lot of businesses achieve organic success. We all enjoy our work, Everyone knows their KRA, Everyone is running their own company, and We all grouped together for Remote Serving Search Engine Marketing services.

K D Digital
Founder & CEO

May 2021 – Present

Code Related LLC
SEO Consultant

Apr 2021 – Present
Scottsdale, Arizona
United States

SEO Consultant

Feb 2021 – Present
Ostrava, Moravia-Silesia

quibus technosys, digital marketing company, jaipur

Quibus Technosys
SEO Team Lead

Feb 2017 – Feb 2021
Jaipur, Rajasthan

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