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I am a SEO Consultant with  over  6 years of practical experience in helping companies and organizations develop and execute search engine marketing solutions to improve their online search performance and reach their long-term business goals.

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We'll create a proven method for lead generation combining Organic SEO & PPC

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Save a lot of Paid advertisement cost by dominating SERP organically.

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SEO Results 2021-2022

1507.9% increase in Organic Traffic

Niche - Medical/Health
📍 Location - Los Angeles, USA
🕛 Result Duration - 11 Month
📅 August 2021 daily traffic 📈 - 30 clicks per day
📅 November 2021 daily traffic 📈 - 170 clicks per day
📅 February 2022 daily traffic 📈 330 clicks per day
📅 May 2022 daily traffic 📈 480 clicks per day.

51.2% increase in organic traffic

434.7% increase in organic traffic

247.9% increase in organic traffic

52.2% increase in organic traffic

107.9% increase in organic traffic

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I have years of experience working with businesses of all sizes. Our team customize our SEO services and techniques to fit the specific needs of your company, with the goal of increasing your website’s productivity and conversion rates while maintaining a top ranking in organic search results across all major search engines.

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We offer a complete set of tools and tailored services to help our clients stand out from the crowd and build an effective digital marketing strategy.

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Upendra Goswami

Local SEO, Google Ads, SEM Specialist

Kuldeep Rathore

Local SEO, Google Ads, SEM Specialist

Kunal Singh Dabi

SEO, Google & FB Ads Specialist

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Most frequent questions and answers

Choosing a new service provider is a delicate step. To properly select the SEO agency that will optimise the visibility of your website, there are a few points to check: its positioning on Google, its reputation in the world of SEO, its references, the quality of its SEO audit… As I help foreign companies to infiltrate their market, ask our sales team for advice and information about your project.

If you have never used an SEO specialist to optimise your site, it has many “imperfections” that affect its visibility in search engines. It is not “SEO-friendly”. An SEO service will improve the quality of your site and comply with Google’s official guidelines. For this purpose, in-depth work is carried out on the technical part, on the content (web writing, internal networking) and on the internal linking of your site. See how an SEO service improves the visibility of a site.

An SEO consultant is a specialized professional who supports you in your internet traffic acquisition strategy, particularly through search engines. It is directly linked to web marketing since organic traffic also depends on the digital communication strategy implemented on a website.

The basic technical skills of an SEO consultant are:

  • Mastery of search engine ranking algorithms
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript/XML: the languages ​​used to display web pages
  • Server-side programming languages ​​(PHP, ASP, Python, Ruby…)
  • Knowledge of web server configuration (including Apache)
  • Databases (MySQL type)
  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics, Comscore, AT Internet, etc.)
  • Knowledge of the most common CMS (WordPress, Drupal, EZ, Typo3, etc.)
  • CommunicationWeb (partnerships, PR)
  • Site monetization (affiliation, online advertising, lead sales, etc.)

Many other skills (editorial, UX, webperf, relational) must also be developed by the SEO consultant to ensure quality work and optimal performance of the SEO service. These skills are acquired through experience.

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