Best SEO Tools 2022: Easy Hacks to Optimize Your Online Presence

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18 Best SEO Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use in 2022

Search Engine Optimization is the most integral facet of digital marketing. Popular SEO is a group of tools and strategies that make a website visible during a search on the internet. It boosts the ranking SEO Dashboard of the website when searched in a particular genre. 

Seo tools help to attract organic traffic to the website and eventually boost revenue generation. These are mainly used to improve traffic numbers, conversion ratio, and a better ROI score. SEO tools structure the website and links and make it user-friendly. 

The quicker the website responds the more visitors and business conversion. Start-ups, small businesses, niche, and online service companies, doctors, legal experts, freelancers, and restaurants and cafes need SEO to acquire the market spotlight. 

If you are looking for a structured and hassle-free SEO service, connect with Kunal Dabi, one of India’s most recommended SEO consultants. He owns an experience of more than six years and has helped around 17 national and international brands boost their online presence. 

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In this, he has listed all the details for SEO tools that you must be aware of before hiring an SEO consultant. 

What is SEO Tools?

10 SEO Tools You Should Be Using Heading Into 2016

SEO tools help streamline and augment the health and quality of the website. These platforms help to identify the areas of improvement of a business website in terms of- designing, programming, and aesthetics and suggesting methods and procedures to improve and grow. 

These tools even help to simplify rigorous keyword searches and data analysis. Such tools used by leading SEO experts help to bring the website to the first page of search engines to gain the maximum spotlight. 

What are the Benefits of Using SEO Tools for Digital Marketing?

The use of SEO tools in the digital marketing space is imperative and crucial. It is one of the most important marketing techniques, which primarily focuses on increasing the business by expanding the domain of the target audience. These tools make the website more visible and accessible; people reach out for business. 

It ensures that the products and services sold by a particular company reach the target audience seamlessly. The benefits of using these tools for digital marketing are aplenty. Take a look. 

  • More Customers Through Organic Search 

Ranking on the first page of any top-rated search engine is very crucial. Effective SEO tools bring about 54% of web traffic through organic search. Almost 60% of marketers suggest that most of their leads come through these tools. 

  • Boosts The Credibility   


A website with a top ranking on the search engine is considered trustworthy and authentic by the users. This eventually boosts the business credibility manifold. 

SEO experts help the business to enhance the content and keywords insertion in the website and improve the usability and overall look and feel. All these further enhance the brand’s reliability. 

  • Encourages User-Experience 

The use of SEO optimizes the user experience. Google started considering user experience as a ranking factor in 2021, along with other factors like quality content, images, and page speed. SEO tools help enhance website functionalities and scale up the content and images used. This eventually helps improve user experience and diverts more traffic to the brand website. 

  • Enhance Brand Awareness

Start-ups, small-scale companies, and niche and online agencies rank higher in search engines. SEO tools make them visible and hence accessible. So, these newly formed companies and brands get attention and come under the spotlight through effective SEO techniques. Hence the brand visibility and awareness are augmented manifold. 

Different SEO Tools 2022 that You Must Know

  1. SEO Tools for YouTube


  • YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is one of the essential SEO tools for online content experts. This tool helps to analyze and present detailed accounts about the channel’s viewership and source. YouTube Analytics also helps to compare content and showcases an insight into the performance matrix. 

  • TubeBuddy

The free SEO tool TubeBuddy analyzes the ranking and tags of other videos. With this tool, you can get an insight into the tags used by other creators in relevant videos. It also provides a unique video score based on the target keyword’s usage and metadata, like a description, title, and thumbnail.

  • Google SEO Tools

Several Google SEO Tools like Lighthouse, Test My Site, Safe Browsing Test, and Google trends are used to showcase the performance and ranking of a website. These tools raise a flag if any page is underperforming and suggest strategies to improve the ranking and overall performance of the page. 

  • Google Trends 

Google Trends is a widely used free SEO tool developed and launched by Google. It is a website by Google that evaluates the popularity of top search queries across diverse languages and regions in the search engine. 

  • Page Speed Insights 

Introduced in 2010, Page Speed Insights is also a free SEO tool developed by Google. It reports the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop devices. This is a special tool that provides Lab Data for a particular page. This data helps in debugging performance glitches, as it is collected in a controlled set-up.

  • Lighthouse 

Lighthouse is an open-source automated free SEO tool that can be run against any webpage. It determines the quality of webpages through performance audits, SEO, and progressive web apps. Lighthouse showcases ranges of the score, denoting performance. 

  • The score 0-49 is marked in red and indicates poor performance. 
  • A Score between 50-89, marked in orange, denotes the scope of improvement. 
  • 90-100, marked in green, denotes good performance. 
  1. SEO Tool for Keyword Research

10 Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO: 2022 Edition

  • Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the most popular name among all the SEO tools for keyword search and placement. This free SEO tool is used to place keywords for search campaigns and look for new keywords for a webpage. It also showcases estimates of the searches they get and the cost of targeting. 


Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for enhancing online visibility and marketing insights. Its role in the digital marketing space is aplenty. Along with improving visibility, Semrush helps research keywords used by the competition business, backlinking work, tracks strategy for keywords, and runs a holistic SEO audit. 

  • Keyword Surfer 

Another free SEO tool, Keyword Surfer, enables you to search volumes in Google search results. It is one of the fastest ways to run keyword research, publish search data, and showcase content guidelines to improve the website holistically. 

  1. SEO Tool for Plagiarism Best Plagiarism Checker Online - How to Check Plagiarism Free - [Small SEO  Tools] - YouTube
  • Copyscape

Plagiarism is one of the essential aspects of digital marketing. Plagiarized web content disrupts the brand’s quality and makes it less reliable and convincing. Copyscape is one of the leading SEO tools for determining the plagiarized content level. 

Launched in 2004 by Indigo Stream Technologies, Copyscape is an online plagiarism detection tool that checks whether similar content is available elsewhere on the internet.

  • Grammarly- SEO Tools Grammar Checker

Nothing beats the quality and essence of content structured flawlessly without any grammatical errors. Grammarly is an online typing assistant that evaluates a piece by reviewing spelling, grammatical formation, punctuation, comprehension, reader engagement, and clarity. This is a free SEO tool but has a premium version that is subscription-based. 

  • Duplichecker

If you are looking for a free SEO tool for checking plagiarized content, Duplichecker is a decent choice. It compares the text of the webpage to billions of web pages. You can check sentence by sentence, ensuring complete accuracy is met with utmost precision.  

  1. SEO Tools for Website 
  • Google Search Console

Google Search Control is a popular Google-run free SEO tool that enables the webmaster to check search queries, indexing status, and crawling errors. This is used to optimize the visibility of the website. This tool also helps locate server errors, resolve them, and detect site load issues such as malware and hacking. 

  • Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is an SEO software suite that comprises tools for building links, keyword research, rank tracking, analysis of competition, and site audits. This is a free SEO toolIt is very helpful for marketing professionals. This software suite even helps to achieve higher Google rankings.

  1. SEO Tools for Ranking Checker 
  • Hoth

The Hoth is a platform that provides tools and strategies for providing SEO data on web pages. It helps to analyze keyword searches and the ranking of various websites. Hoth tools provide data on the optimization of keywords. 

  • Small SEO Tools: Keyword Rank Checker:

Keyword Rank Checker is a tool used to identify the position of a website or link in the search engine, especially Google, for a given keyword. This free SEO tool also helps a website to compete with others for similar keywords.

  • Site Checker

Site Checker is an SEO checker and audit tool for websites. This tool analyzes the search performance daily and helps update your to-do list based on changes in the website content and ranking. 

  1. SEO Tools for Excel 

SeoTools for Excel is a free plug-in that presents many useful SEO-related functions like keyword search, SEO audit, and web metrics ranking for excel. The SEO ranking is tagged with this free SEO tool for scrutiny and analysis of sites and keyword statistics in Excel.   

  1. SEO Tools for WordPress 
  • HubSpot

HubSpot’s Marketing Hub comprises an SEO marketing software tool ideal for building authority across the website. This free SEO tool is cohesive with HubSpot landing pages, webpages, and blog posts, the scope of optimizing the content through web traffic and conversion is high. 

  • All in One SEO

All in One SEO is the original WordPress SEO tool used for all kinds of search engine optimization work. Everything is its forte, from keyword search and placement to traffic diversion and ranking. 

  • Yoast SEO 

The Yoast SEO is a popular search engine optimization plug-in for WordPress. This helps the site to perform better in search engines, especially Google. It provides tools and strategies to bring your content to the highest SEO standards and enhance its readability. A free SEO tool version offers many tools, but the premium version comes with a cost and makes the workload much easier. 

  1. Off-Page SEO Tool

Off-Page SEO: Tools and Techniques that will help you rank on SERP - Sokrati

  • Moz’s Link Explorer

Moz’s Link Explorer assists in gathering data for the site’s ranking, site crawl, link metrics, and page optimization. It also helps identify site errors, which might impact the web traffic experience. This is a free SEO tool and immensely helps in deciding the SEO strategies for your website. 

  • Linkclump

One of the most popular off-page SEO tools. Linkclump enhances and boosts the overall functionalities of a webpage. This free SEO tool can drag a selection box around links, open new windows and tabs, copy to the clipboard or save them as bookmarks. 

  • Check My Links 

Check My Links is a Chrome Extension plug-in that crawls your site looking for broken links. It is an ideal tool for web designers, developers, and content creators who own and runs a webpage or multiple pages. While editing the web content, you can use this free SEO tool to check the workability of links on the website.

  1. On-Page SEO Tool 
  • SEOCrawler

An SEO crawler is a tool that crawls web pages to gain valuable SEO information. An effective SEO crawler is a crucial tool and will unavoidably make technical SEO functions simpler and faster. 

  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Another popular website crawler, The Screaming Frog SEO Spider, helps you boost onsite SEO by mining data and reviewing for SEO glitches and errors. This fast and advanced free SEO tool helps identify broken links, analyze metadata and page titles, review robots, discover similar content, and extract data with Xpath.

  • Moz On-Page Grader

Moz-On-Page Grader is an essential SEO toolset. It helps in link building, keyword research, page optimization, site audits, rank tracking, and reporting similar content and keywords on the web.

  1. SEO Tools for Content Writing
  • WordStream

WordStream is a free SEO tool that helps discover new keywords and data regarding the ranking and performance of the webpage. This data can be used in site content and Google Ads campaigns. 

WordStream also helps in determining accurate keyword volume and cost-per-click data. This will help the user to find the appropriate keywords to target and optimize the marketing budget.

  • BuzzSumo

Content writers swear by BuzzSumo– a cloud-based platform. This helps find the best content, engagement, and outreach opportunities. Search for new keywords, customer queries, and trending stories are also regulated by this free SEO tool.  

  • Keyword Density Checker

Going by the nomenclature, Keyword Density Checker is the most crucial SEO tool for content. It denotes the percentage of times a keyword or line appears related to the total number of words used on a web page. 

  1. Meta Description Generator SEO Tool
  • Frase

Offering tools for analyzing the performance of the web content and for optimizing the website for Google’s algorithm, Frase has gained immense popularity in the digital marketing space. It is a free SEO tool that helps to make the web content SEO-optimized by looking for the appropriate keywords and questions for the content piece.   

  • Dashboard

An SEO Dashboard is an overall hub for all the web analytics data. It is a central meeting platform for all these data sources, making it easier for digital marketers and developers to get a full insight into the SEO performance of their websites through metrics and analytics. 

  • Copy AI

The digital space is evolving every moment, and AI has started backing and augmenting content quality. Copy AI boosts copywriting productivity and help you to write SEO-optimized content copy in a few minutes. This free SEO tool saves a lot of time and is of immense help to creators and digital marketers. 

  1. Neil Patel SEO Tools

Developed by Neil Patel- the founder of NP Digital, some crucial free SEO tools help in Content Marketing, Link Building, Technical SEO, and rank tracking. 

How to Use SEO Tools?

Using various SEO tools is easy and quite a breeze. You must download the tool, run the plug-in, and paste or link the content for the best SEO-optimized results. Digital marketers can connect to domain experts for a hassle-free and seamless content optimization experience.  

How will SEO Kunal Dabi Help you with SEO Tools?

  • Kunal Dabi is one of India’s leading and most appreciated SEO consultants. With his expertise, deep knowledge, and enriching professional experiences, Kunal Dabi offers all his clients the best and most effective SEO consultation and solution. 
  • Kunal is the leading Google-certified SEO consultant in India. He helps companies by suggesting, developing, and executing search engine marketing solutions to boost their online search performance and achieve their long-term business goals.
  • The company offers an end-to-end solution in on-page and off-page SEO, technical, local, and international SEO.
  • His expert team will help in a significant increase in organic traffic, sales, and organic clicks. The company will also help in sales conversion and revenue generation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the role of small SEO tools in digital marketing? 

Small SEO Tools assist in article rewriting, grammar check and correction, and paraphrasing. Moreover, the online plagiarism checker small SEO tools are one of the most effective tools in this genre that provides fool-proof plagiarism reports. 

  • Name some free SEO tools used widely by marketers and creators?

The best SEO tools for free are Google Analytics, MozCast, Data Studio, Bing Webmaster, Search Console, and Link Redirect Trace. 

  • What are the advantages of using Google analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the best SEO tools available free online. This helps analyze the website and present reports on website ranking, keyword search, and search engine analytics. This is one of the best SEO tools for beginners who wish to explore the digital marketing space. 

  • Name some cheap SEO tools for YT creators?

The best YT SEO tool, Tag Generator, comes free. It helps in generating video tags used in similar videos for the best visibility and ranking. Other cheap or free YT SEO tools are TubeBuddy, Page Speed Insights, and Google Trends.

  • Name a super effective tool in keyword research, crawl tracking, and site audit? 

Semrush tool is known for an effective site audit, crawl tracking, and keyword search. It also provides a detailed audit report that helps the creator to improve the website’s visibility and ranking. 

  • What is the role of domain authority checker small SEO tools?

Domain Authority Checker by is the best and most widely used free tool for checking the Moz DA of websites.

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