Tips for Maximizing SEO Using Guest Posts to Improve Brand Online Presence

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Tips for Maximizing SEO Using Guest Posts to Improve Brand Online Presence.

Guest posting is one of the most prominent SEO tactics for building brand exposure. As the name suggests, a guesting host publishes content that markets your brand or services.

Guest posting is one of the most foolproof strategies with good ROI, but still, you can lose on it.

As an SEO manager, you should be able to choose the right domains as hosts for your content to make a strong shout-out for your brand to the right audience. 

Being an SEO consultant in India is a matter of pride for me. You should read our other  blog to know why everyone loves SEO consultant India and for unaltered satisfaction in my work. 

Here in this blog, I would like to share how you can boost your online presence without making blunders. So let’s start with 

What Exactly Is Seo Guest Posting.

Understanding  SEO Guest Posting and the role it plays for your site.

A major challenge that SEO has tried to solve is ensuring that your content gets to your potential customers, bearing in mind it can take a while to see the results. This is where SEO guest posting advantages  come in, and here is what they offer your business:

Open your brand up to a new audience.

Guest posting opportunities are numerous, but first what it offers is an audience already in need of your services; this gives you reach to a wide range of potential clients or customers.

Increases your brand credibility

An SEO guest posting con shows people your technical command and expertise on said subject; by providing content on similar platforms but one with more traffic and DA, you are showing more people that your brand is credible. 

Drives the traffic to you

Traffic is the reward of any SEO guest posting content marketing. You want to profit, and SEO guest blogging is guaranteed to reach this goal.

It opens the door for backlinks.

Backlinks are a good way to show the Google algorithm that your site’s information is tested and trusted. So if you post your content on an SEO guest homepage, you can easily enhance your rank in the google algorithm.

SEO Guest postcodes to follow

If you are lost as to  which SEO guest  post practices you can follow, here are a few:

  • Find a list of sites that accept blog posts and create a long list of your preferred options.
  • Stay away from competition sites and look for news, magazine sort of website in the same niche as you.
  • Look for sites with excellent traffic and good domain authority.
  • Make use of keywords to find related blog sites.

Seo Guest Posting  Needs Creative Content Marketing Strategy

After choosing the appropriate sites, the next step is to have a creative strategy to write content. You would want to write to ensure your content is read. 

Come with a creative angle.  There is already a lot of information on said topic, so make yours stand out with catchy titles and any updated information you can find.

Guest posts should be a way to personalise your brand to each of your audiences, ensuring  to focus on inclusion and community building.

Before choosing to use SEO guest posts content, SEO content writer must ponder on following thoughts:

  • What problem does your article solve?
  • Would it target your preferred audience?
  • What does your guest blogger stand to gain?
  • What will be supplied that is new and distinct from what Google has already ranked?
  • Has this subject reached its saturation level in the SERPs?

Still stuck with content strategy. Not an issue!!

You can freely contact us.  Our content strategist will be more than happy to help you.


 Yes, it does. 

SEO guest article posting is mostly about creating backlinks through g interesting, new content. Preferably, your guest blogs must be excellent, especially if you hope to publish on a platform with a better reputation.

Guest blogs are free material from the hosting website perspective, and who doesn’t enjoy free content? Intrinsically, they can be more selective towards the kind and quality of content they are willing to publish on their website.

Down in the indigenous chain, Seo guest blogging can also have a community feel. Small- to medium-sized SEO bloggers should support one another by hosting each other’s blogs. You will gain from the collaboration because it is a win-win plan, and here is how?

Organic Backlinks: Is Guest posting black hat SEO?

 The answer is no.  Guest blogging is a technique that will allow you to reap long-term benefits in terms of reoccurring traffic without flouting any of googles algorithm guidelines. Generating a backlink from highly regarded content is more profitable than using any other paid technique.

Read what is Black Hat SEO?

Profitable Brand Exposure:

Getting someone who has established an audience for themselves through publishing content in a related field is a sure way to boost your brand integrity and replayability, which would boost your exposure.

A long-lasting Domain Authority:

Regularly appearing in well-known magazines can establish you as an authority in your field, but more crucially, it will demonstrate your domain authority since respected websites will want to use your material. 

Ahead of link-building, SEO guest posting is a testament to your social presence

 An SEO Guest blogging con is vastly under the umbrella of PR, and brand visibility, which would help you land high rankings in high vol keywords- where is all the traffic you need. 

Digital marketers opt for social media marketing(SMM) to increase their social presence through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media handles. But when you want to increase your social presence through SEO -it’s through link building.

SEO guest blogs can be helpful for websites’ awareness and traffic. The traffic generated through backlinks is known as referral traffic. If you want an already established audience to push your business, guest posting is for you. 

SEO guest blogging approach provides a platform for skilful content creators to share their expertise on a subject with their audience while pulling a new audience for you.

How do you Embark On The Best Guest Blogging Opportunities?

For this, you must work on discovering an avenue for guest posts. Finding websites relevant to your speciality or sector should be your primary objective while searching for guest posting opportunities.

Finding the Best Website to put out your content

Ensure the Publications’ Domain is relevant to your niche:

Don’t aim for industries that are not similar to yours, as this would water down the SEO guest posting hustle by a long shot. 

You would not find a cosmetics audience on a football site!

  • Your industry or niche is highlighted on the hosting Website.
  • The hosting domain readers would be drawn to your product and services.
  • The hosting website has a community of readers that are active (posts have been shared socially and commented upon)
  • The website providing backlink Url utilises social media (so you know your work will be promoted on their handles too.

Working  within Backlinks Guidelines:

Divert Traffic through Backlinks:


Backlinks are incredible but don’t always necessarily mean traffic; worst case, it could lead to the flouting of Google’s linking policy. Another thing you can consider is contextual links within the content. 

Use tools like cognitive SEO to determine where to use these links and which link to use.

Over the years, backlinks have proven to be a reliable ranking factor in search engine optimisation.

Place your Link naturally:

Aspiring for link placement in the body of the article if it relates to the context of the text creates natural link building, as the links here are most likely to be clicked by readers.

Make use of Right Anchor Text:

Anchor texts are words that are hyperlinked in a link, usually a keyword. What an anchor text does for you is tell both the readers and search engine what the blog is about.

 Making use of On-Page Space:

A good SEO optimizes it on page presence as this is where readers first come in contact with your page, and it last vastly determines your ranking, take note of the following:

  • Do not overstuff your keyword.
  • Implement long tail keywords.
  • Making use of headings (H1)
  • Make use of image alt tags
  • Create high-quality content

Google Search query:

Google is your stop shop for almost anything you are looking for. To find SEO guest posting content ideas, you can use specific words in your industry+ and specific keywords. For example:

  • Keyword+seo tips guest posting
  • keyword+seo guest posting ads
  • keyword+seo guest posting app
  • Use the Backlink of your competitors:
  • You can use your competitors’ backlink query to get an idea of the trending blog posts. Just make sure you are creative with it.

Only Work With Good Content writers:

You need the top influencing websites of your industry as they already have the traffic you need; this is impossible without high-quality content.

 The main foundation of a high-quality guest post is quality informative content that shows your command of expertise in your field. A Seo guest post is not an ad.

Following Google’s complete  Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines in 2022,  here is what you need to put in mind

Make sure you E-A-T — Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. You have to get as much information and expertise on the subject matter since the panda update on google, the focus became high-quality content. This is a very crucial step that you cannot afford to miss.

Use a YMYL mindset — Your Money or Your Life, your blog must not contain information harmful to readers. Google would flag down any content that proves otherwise.

Run a search on social media:

Since your guest host would most likely run their posts on social media, it is a sure way to know what keyword is buzzing in your industry. With tools like Buzzsumo, You can also look for more SEO Guest posting  Opportunities through various syndicate sites.

What are the Downsides of Guest Posting?

To have a comprehensive view of the entirety of guest posting, here are a few cons:

High-quality guest blogging is expensive:

 A well-delivered column on Upwork could cost $400-$500, and not every post would bring the best ROI as these said guest bloggers are usually not experts

You might not get exposure on your strategic pages:

Since the essence of guest posting is information, following this guideline, most high-quality guest post hosting websites would choose links with information rather than the ones showcasing your services and products. 

SEO guest blogging could give you low link quality:

Here is why?  When you try to compensate the cost over quality, you might not get fresh, quality content to push links. Working with an experienced and result-oriented SEO manager guarantees only the strong backlinks you need.

Google nofollow policy:

Google does not encourage link building and has advised guest posts to use no follow attributes to their post. This is a downside to guest posting.

Kunal SEO – Your Best SEO Guest Posting Guide

After reading our earlier post about how SEO works, you will understand many SEO strategies and concepts and need to unfollow any unnecessary links you may have included when guest blogging.

SEO guest posting is about having a focused strategy.

SEO guest posting is the most successful SEO strategy.

So why not fully engage this chance?

If you’re looking to learn more, please contact me at the number. I can also help you with SEO management for your website. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can a novice begin guest blogging?

Yes, If you think you have expertise in a particular industry and good writing skills, you can be a guest blogger. Send your resume to us, and let me help you to achieve your dream.

  • Is guest posting safe for SEO?

Yes, it adheres to recent Google algorithms guidelines.

  • How does guest posting improve SEO?

It does so by opening up an already established audience in your industry.

  • What is Guest SEO posting/Guest Blogging?

It simply means featuring content on a similar industry site.

  • Is guest posting good?

Yes. Guest posting is good for increasing visibility. 

  • What is a guest post service?

It is the process of giving your blog audience well-tailored information on a subject matter to generate traffic to the domain site. 

  • How can I create an SEO-friendly guest post?

Create highly educative content for people from an expertise standpoint.

  • Does Google allow guest posting?

Yes, Google allows guest posting.

  • What is guest posting in off-page SEO?

This involves social media outreach to boost visibility.

  • Can you please mention some popular SEO guest posting app

SEM Rush, Ahref, Buzzsumo, and cognitive SEO are some popular apps used for guest posting. You can read our blog on SEO goes posting apps to find more. 

  • SEO guest posting on Instagram

You can search for popular influencers in your industry through Instagram.

  • How can I choose Guest blogging sites?

There are various guest blogging sites to choose from; make sure they are high ranking and relevant to your industry.

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