SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

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Content writing is highly important for SEO purposes. The main difference between SEO content writing and regular content writing is that SEO content writer knows how to develop optimised content for search engines and for readers at the same time. A standard content writer might only create content for readers.

SEO content writing may look simple, but it goes a long way in defining the ranking of a website.

You can improve website ranking and increase traffic organically by SEO Content writing, But How?

Just keep reading to know.

What is Content in Digital Marketing?

What is Content in Digital Marketing?


In digital marketing, content fills the space of information on different digital platforms like websites, social media handles, email, video, image libraries, and other places where users seek information.

Good content engages, captivates, and retains an audience.

The SEO 2023 strategy is pertinent to good and helpful content. Meanwhile, high-quality content is measured by information provided to fulfill the keyword’s intent. Keywords are phrases or words that users browse on search engines. The measure of SEO content is determined by how often keywords with the highest average monthly searches appear in your content.

Fundamentals of SEO Content Writing

Fundamentals of SEO Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization is organising a website’s content to enhance the chances of being displayed in search results. It is a method adopted to maximise the resort to amassing organic traffic from search engines. Content writing has become integral to digital marketing, making for website visibility. The following are the fundamentals of SEO content writing:

Know Your Audience

A major prerequisite in delivering amazing content for customers and audiences is to first know who your audience is. This is based on the product or service you are delivering. Get to know who your audiences are and you can take it up from there. 

Do Your Research

Research is an important factor in SEO content writing. Read up on the trajectory of growth in your sector or field. Look into the data and statistics of the field. And check what can be done differently. 

Determine Your SEO Keywords

Keywords are vital and as important as the content you’d want to create. Get a survey of the keywords that are prevalent in your field and engage them in content creation.

Link Building

Build a formidable relationship of trust with other websites.

Difference Between Copywriting, Content Writing, Ghostwriting

Difference Between Copywriting, Content Writing, Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting as the name implies is a form of writing where writers write and do not take applause for it. This is prominent in journalism, magazine materials, books, and speeches.

A copywriter on the other hand writes for marketing and advertising purposes usually for a company or a business. In the case of a copywriter, while their name may or may not be included in the content created, they can as well take credit for it. They are not under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as in the case of a Ghostwriter.

Content writing is more like an umbrella that includes both ghostwriting and copywriting. However, content writing is primarily based on educating, informing, and entertaining the audience. For a ghostwriter, someone else has the byline of the writing.

A copywriter writes to persuade and a content writer is interested in working a conversation with the audience. 

Benefits of SEO Content Writing

SEO content delivers optimum information at a high rate and makes available links that could be appropriated to get further information on related topics. 

It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that produces huge benefits. 

SEO content through the use of the engine algorithm index dictates where your content is placed in order of importance to search questions.  And the higher a content ranks, the more traffic it receives. 

SEO content increases sales. It allows you to show your business to the world. And your SEO-friendly content will influence the decision-making process of customers. Regardless of what sort of business it is, sales can be increased using SEO content writing techniques. 

SEO content can be recycled or repurposed. SEO content can be repurposed into a new form either video, infographics, or podcasts. And this allows you to save time and effort.

SEO content assists you in reaching new audiences. SEO content helps you improve a social presence that will reach new audiences. Most especially when the contents are SEO friendly. 

How To Engage SEO Content Writing

Research Keywords: Keywords are an integral part of SEO content writing. SEO research gives you an understanding of what Google finds impressive about your content. Investing in an SEO suite, Moz Pro, AWR Cloud, Deepcrawl, or SpyFu so you can know what keywords to engage in your content is a good step in the right direction. 

Make Use Of A Catchy Headline: A catchy headline in every form of writing engages the audience. SEO is not an exception. So it is recommended that the writing begin with “How to” or have a number in them, for example, ” 10 ways to engage your audiences”

Appropriate Call to Action: Right after the content, utilizing a call to action such as, signing up now, subscribing to a newsletter, or, downloading now, is a good technique.

Using visual aid, and distributing it on social media are many more ways of engaging SEO content. 

SEO Content Writing Guide For Beginners

SEO Content Writing Guide For Beginners

Concentrate On Your Audience

The goal of SEO content is to provide the most relevant information for its audience. This equates to providing content that appeals to your audience. Your content must answer the question of your user effectively. 

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Sometimes, because we know SEO is all about keywords, we might want to stuff our content with keywords. However, that is not right. When keywords are used appropriately, they can increase net relevance and ranking. But when done, otherwise, it’s a turn-off to users and it can incur a Google penalty. Use keywords soaring but effectively. And if you don’t know how often you should or should not use it, consider using a WordPress plugin like Yoast. 

Use Images To Support Your SEO Writing 

Images give a huge impression of a post. Save the fact that images have more clarity than whatever has been scribbled. It could also help you rank in image search and give rise to more traffic to your website. You can do well to add images that support the content.

Best Practices For SEO Content Writing 2023

Manage Technical Issues On Your Site to Boost SEO

To boost your SEO content writing, you must make sure that your website meets all the demands and prerequisites of the technical standards. This includes reducing code and ensuring that your site takes less time to load. Utilizing canonical URLs and having an SSL certificate installed is also important. 

Study Right Keywords

Keywords are very important in SEO content writing. Research the keywords and appropriate them in the right places. 

Create Amazing Content

The role of amazing content in SEO content writing cannot be overemphasized. Create content that directly answers your customer’s question and is based on your target keywords. This allows you to rate more in the SEO content writing space. 

Link Building Is Important

Invest in link building both internally and externally. Although internal links might do less boost to your website, they still count. Also, focus on getting the right link. 

Be Consistent

A good SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Always target the right keyword search and consistently put out great content. Great and maintain a social media presence. 

Best SEO Content Writing Tools

Best SEO Content Writing Tools

There are Specific tools that help you write SEO content that ranks. These tools will help you save time, and write better, and more engaging content. 

  1. SurferSEO
  2. Fraser
  3. Grammarly
  4. PageOptimizer Pro


It is an optimization tool that helps you to enhance and boost your search engine optimization scores. It also improves your post-ranking potential.

Based upon a keyword, Surfer will provide several other related words and group them into different categories. This will increase your target audience and scope even in one piece of content. It has a user-friendly interface, an auditing tool included, and optimized content inside Google Docs and WordPress with Surfer’s extension. 


This is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool that can aid the content writing process. It aids keyword research, composes the content, and ensures that it’s SEO optimized. AI-powered technology makes the whole process quick, effective, and easy. Thereby making it a good choice for beginners and solopreneurs. There are also varieties of tools that can help quicken up the process such as automatic paraphrasing, rewriting tools, and others.


This is one of the best grammar tools available and it’s a plus to content creators’ toolkit. Spelling and grammar are important to the success of SEO content. 

PageOptimizer Pro

This tool helps writers optimize their web content. All you need to do is input all the target keywords, domains, and target pages. Then select your competitors and a detailed article will be created briefly for you. 


This is an AI content writing assistant that makes it quite easy to create content for both social media and blogs. You just need to provide brief details of what you intend to write about. The AI has read about 10 percent of the content on the internet. So, it is this information that creates thrilling content for you. 

Free SEO tools

  • Google Trends
  • Uber suggest
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog
  • Moz
  • Semrush
  • Google Analytics and many more.

Seo Content Writing Checklist

Keep It Simple

You must place quality over quantity. So it is not how long the article is, rather it is how detailed it is. Superfluous content should be removed. A length of about 800 to 1700 words is not a bad idea. It should be long enough to contain all necessary and valuable information. And short enough to grab people’s attention. 

Organization is key

The pattern of your blog is as important as the content. Search engines depend on key structural features like the page title, headers, URL meta description, and content title to deduce what your content is all about.

Consistently write in an active voice

Don’t always write in the passive voice. Writing in an active voice makes it easy for users to deduce the message needed from the website accurately and without stress. 

Keep the vocabulary simple, and write brief paragraphs. Also, write short sentences and use your focus keyword in your title. 

Expert Tips For SEO Content Writing

Keyword Is Important

Your writing will first be discovered before you’ll have any effect on your audience. This is why keyword studies have to constantly come earlier than any studies or real writing.

These keyword studies will hugely impact your studies, also, due to the fact you’ll find out different methods, your audience is attempting to find your topic.

Employ The Art Method In Researching Keywords

There are heaps of keyword studies articles available. Research, discover, and take a look at what works great for you.

  • Appropriate 1 or 2 keywords for each blog
  • Employ keywords in the section where they matter most
  • Utilize bold and bullet points wherever possible.
  • The title tag is as important as the content. It must convert a powerful, convincing, and captivating message
  • Add relevant keywords. If you have a bank full of keywords, you can always add related keywords. This will enhance the content.
  • Employ the target keyword in the meta description
  • Write, rewrite and write again until it looks perfect 

Do You Want To Be An SEO-Friendly Content Writer?

How To Become An Seo Content Writer

  • Invest in studying 
  • Invest in languaging programs
  • Have a full grasp of what SEO entails
  • Be available for every exercise that entails SEO, even if it is volunteering. This will build your portfolio and help you stay relevant. 
  • Master the art of researching
  • Maximize the social media

Seo Content Writing Certification

  • SEO Copywriting Training (Yoast)
  • Content Marketing Training (Reliablesoft)
  • SEO Copywriting: Rank and Get the Click (Udemy)
  • SEO Copywriting: Rank and Get the Click (Udemy)
  • Learning to Write Marketing Copy (LinkedIn Learning)
  • The Expert SEO Content Writer Course (SEO Writing Course)
  • Content Marketing Course (DMI)
  • Copywriting For Beginners (SkillShare)
  • Become a Freelance Copywriter (Udemy)
  • Role of Content Course with Eric Enge (SEMRush)

Free SEO content writing courses

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google
  • Become a Better Blogger by Skillshare
  • Content Writing Certification by Hubspot
  • SEO Training by Udemy
  • Writing for the Web by Open2Study

SEO content writer skills

  • Dynamic writing skills 
  • Writing for topics over keywords
  • Researching skills

Growth of SEO content writing jobs In India 

SEO content writing in India has grown vast. There is a rise in the momentum of content creators in India. Currently, the Median Annual Salary is $46,322 ($22.27/hour) while the Top 10% Annual Salary: is $79,000 ($37.98/hour). At the moment, SEO content writing as freelance is dominating But hiring an agency is a better option. 

Want To Hire A Content Writer 

Best Platforms For Content Writers:



This is an international online market for freelance services. Fiverr’s platform connects freelancers to humans or agencies seeking to hire. 



Upwork is an online market for freelancers and freelance agencies. This platform allows clients to post a description of their job and the price attached to it. The clients thereafter interview the prospective freelancers. After which they offer the job to anyone who fits their conditions and looks like they can complete the job within a specified duration. 



LinkedIn is a software application that allows members to connect in a social and professional network. It typifies a real-world professional relationship. Members connect, organize offline events, publish job postings, photos, videos, and more. 

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