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Are you trying to establish your brand’s online presence in one of the largest cities in India, Kolkata? Do you know in some business categories, SEO can generate up to 10x returns on your investment i.e. 10 returns into business on every single rupee you spend in SEO during a span of one to two years?

Yes, you read it right?, One to Two years, that’s how much time an effective SEO campaign would take to reach its maximum potential. But you can expect a minimal return on investment within 6 to 12 months.

Crazy! Right?

Now that’s the best-case scenario to achieve this you need to invest in the right people or company.

This article is going to be your walk-through guide to finding the right SEO expert in Kolkata for your business.

Being a google certified SEO expert in India with  more than 5 years and working on 1000+ SEO-related projects, I had the chance to work with all sizes of businesses in India and outside for almost all major business categories. I have seen entrepreneurs, HR, and experienced business owners struggling to find the right SEO candidate or build the right SEO team for their businesses.

In some cases, they invest in cheap dirt options and end up losing faith in SEO. On the other hand, they keep hearing their competitors doing great business because of SEO and they see their competitors ranking higher on google and other search engines on their business-related search terms that the general audience search in google.

I can relate to it, I have worked with businesses before that completely lost hope in SEO but now run 100% on SEO.

So how do you find the right SEO expert or consultant in Kolkata? How you should filter the right candidates, whether Should you go for expertise or years of experience, and How to check the credibility and authenticity of any SEO expert. This article is going to answer all these questions and more.

So Let’s together find the right SEO expert in Kolkata.

Step 1 – Finding the Right Candidate

Do you know Kolkata SEO  experts are always in demand. According to google keyword research tool, Keyword Planner, Average monthly search volume on the keyword seo expert in kolkata is 1,810.

google keyword planner seo expert in kerala monthly search volume data
google keyword planner seo expert in kerala monthly search volume data breakdown by cities

So just like you a lot of people looking for freelancer SEO experts in Kolkata.

Now let’s get back to the main question – Finding your right seo expert in kolkata.

So Start by google search seo expert in kolkata. You will find 4 categories of results there. 

google search engine result page on the keyword seo expert in kerala
  1. Google Map – There are 250+ google map registered local seo experts/seo consultants in kolkata
  2. Independent SEO experts in Kolkata – Website with their founders or owner’s faces on it, their names on their website. Kudos to them they already proved themself by ranking top on the keyword – SEO expert in Kolkata, which is searched by, on average, 1600 people per month according to google.
  3. 3rd party websites – Websites like Upwork, freelancer, clutch, etc. will showcase their Kolkata-based SEO experts with their reviews and ratings. That’s also a very authentic place to find your expert. 
  4. SEO Companies or Agencies –  They are also the right fit because they hold the best experts in Kolkata for you.

I am eliminating the 4th option assuming you already know the difference between hiring a seo expert vs hiring a seo company or agency and you search for seo expert in kolkata. Hence Let’s move to the second part of this quest.

Building Your list of SEO Experts in Kolkata

Out of your findings from step 1

  • Note down at least 10 experts’ names with the best reviews and recommendations from Google Maps.
  • Next, see the google organic results on your searched term SEO expert in Kolkata and list down the name of the individual SEO experts rankings their websites in google search results and shortlist atleast 5-10 candidates from there.
  • Lastly, Shortlist ateast 5 experts from the 3rd party websites like upwork, freelancer, clutch etc.

Now you have a handful list of 25-30 SEO experts in Kolkata. Create a spreadsheet or excel sheet and mention their names in it.

Shortlist the Right Candidate

We have come closer to finding your right match. Now before moving forward I would like you to first understand the different types of SEO experts you will find in Kolkata.

Technical SEOs:

Typical technical SEOs are more focused on the technical part of SEOs and their SEO practices and tactics revolve around the mechanical part of SEO. After all, google is a machine. Some of the main pillars of technical SEO optimization are-

  • Enhancing the loading speed of the website, 
  • Making it crawler-friendly, 
  • Adding relevant and reliable links for authority, 
  • Removing duplicate content, 
  • Providing a site map (list of all the web pages).

They understand search engines very well and sometimes even trick google to generate faster results since they understand it very well. But that sometimes can badly hurt your website or even penalize you from search engines if they implement negative SEO strategies on your website.

Human SEOs: 

They are the SEOs that understand the human side of the search engines particularly google because it holds more than 90 percent market share in 2022. Google is an advanced search engine now and the latest google updates and advancements are more towards making the user experience more and more human-friendly. Human SEOs are very good in general SEO practices. They help you understand the entire process with simple examples and their practices are user-oriented. They think like humans. Some of the basic practices of Human seos are

  1. Content Marketing
  2. On-Page Optimization
  3. Skyskipper outreaching and guest posting
  4. Conversion rate optimization

Human SEO serves the readers with helpful content while pairing it with logical search engine algorithms. This strategy directly answers the readers’ queries, helping brands with organic, long-term, and stable growth. 

Expert Opnion:

Technical SEO and Human SEO Strategies go hand-in-hand. To outrank your competitors, your SEO expert in Kolkata needs to have a holistic approach. You need a person who understands the human mind and technical work communicates on both sides and generates faster and more sustainable results.

So the candidate you are looking for should have good technical expertise but at the same, They should have a user-first mindset. Google’s official webmaster guidelines will help you understand this point. I also suggest you to watch maile ohye from google explaining how to hire an seo

As a business owner, you never wanted to talk to someone in a language you don’t understand.


Now coming back to shortlisting your expert


Till now you have your list of SEO experts in Kolkata ready. Now let’s do some quick research and start filtering candidates based on the following 3 factors

  1. Experience – Expertise comes with experience, and SEO is all about A/B testing. Google frequently updates its algorithm and ranking procedure, but these minor changes do not majorly differ on the base.

    An experienced SEO consultant will therefore be well-versed in the overall strategies and effective implementation of campaigns. Experience will be their greatest asset, eliminating the testing cost and reducing the time frame for desired results.

    Go to your SEO experts in the Kolkata spreadsheet and add one Experience column, Notedown each selected candidate’s years of experience in it.

    Don’t fall into the trap of experience it’s not the only important factor.

  2. Diversity of Projects – SEO Strategies for each project vary on their business types. E-commerce SEO will be completely different from the SAAS project’s SEO. Small businesses need a different SEO strategy when compared to medium or large-scale enterprises.

    Therefore, always get the assistance of an SEO consultant in Kolkata who has already served various clients. They will have a prepared working base for each niche, further enhanced with proven result case studies.

  3. SEO Success Stories or Case Studies:
    Pay special attention to the candidates having successful SEO case studies published on their websites. Instead of wordy claims, case studies will showcase their true expertise and how they helped clients into their business. If you find someone’s case study or SEO success story related to your business, Rank that person/s in your priority order.

Let’s Jump to the Table

Till now you have your priority list of best experts in Kolkata ready for you and have. Here comes the last step, Reach out to the top 7 candidates from your list and try to schedule an initial call. Share the following general details initially 

  • Your business industry, 

  • Target location

  • Share competitor business name/ website link.


Ask for following

  • SEO portfolio

  • 3rd party reference links

  • Their owned SEO case studies and Success Stories

  • Their tentative budget for SEO.


Within a week you will have your final list of the top 5 SEO experts in Kolkata ready.


Expert Opinion – If you have your website ready, I suggest you ask everyone to also send you 5 quick fixes that they think should be done to improve the website’s organic performance.


Now I leave the rest of the thing up to you. Based on your budget, your requirement team size, and other criteria you can pick anyone from your list of top 7 SEO experts in Kolkata.

Things to take care of while interviewing any SEO in Kolkata

In today’s work data is everything and in zero circumstances you should compromise your data security. Sign an NDA (non-disclosable agreement) with the person. And mention not to work directly or indirectly with any of your competitors during or after at least 6 months of your agreement period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much time an SEO takes to show results?

According to google, SEOs takes 4 months to a year to first implement the SEO Suggestions and then show potential benefits. I advice you to set realistic goals for your hired Expert SEO in Kolkata. Otherwise the pressure can force him to indulge into seo activities that can harm your website rankings.


How much SEO Experts Charge in Kolkata ?

Their charges varies person to person. Some SEO experts in Kolkat    a have hourly fee, some charge a minimum initial fee. some provides free consultation. 

I suggest you to ask for a audit report, paid or free, for your website along with quotation.

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